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My bonding is the wrong color

I just had some bonding done on my front teeth, to fix some chips on the edges of my teeth. But it looks weird because it is really translucent. What would it take to fix this? Would they have to grind away more of my teeth? I hope not.
– Karen from Dallas

There are two problems with some general dentists trying to do aesthetic bonding on the front teeth. One is that they haven’t invested the time in the education and developing the skills necessary. The other problem is that, since they don’t do this much and don’t specialize in that, they don’t have a sufficient inventory of bonding composites to be able to meet every color situation.

So your dentist, while well-intentioned, had just heard somewhere that he needed to make the incisal edges of his bonding translucent and so stocks one translucent shade. I would recommend you go to another dentist with a higher level of expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

If you do go to such a dentist, he or she should know how to remove the composite without any grinding on your enamel. Certain sandpaper disks will do that, and, to finish it up, her or she should have an instrument called a micro-etcher that gives a small blast of sand that will remove the last remnants of composite. Then they can do your bonding right.

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