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Dentist Said I Cannot Get White Crowns

Posted by writeradmin

I am a bit frustrated. I had a full set of dental crowns done years ago. At the time, they said they didn’t make them very white. I was a bit disappointed, but you can’t do more than what is available. Now that I am replacing them, I felt sure I could finally get the white crowns I have always wanted because they do make them that white now. Unfortunately my dentist said that because I have posts in my crowns that the whitest colors will show the posts. I don’t want that. He told me to do a B1 color with the temporaries and see what I think. We did that, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the color. Do you think it would be possible for me to get an M4 or a BL4 without the post showing through and making them look fake?


Dear Chris,

porcleian crown being placed.


I am glad you wrote. I think your dentist may be in a bit over his head when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. He is confusing two very basic concepts: color and opacity. The posts won’t show through because the porcelain crowns are too white, just if they are too translucent. If he does not understand the difference between them, you can almost guarantee you will not get the results you are hoping for. If the posts do not show through the B1, they won’t show through a whiter color either.

This is a very doable smile makeover for you as long as you have the right dentist. Here is my advice. First, ask your dentist if he has done a smile makeover with the bleached shades, which is what you’re looking for. Then, ask to see the before and after images. If he doesn’t have that experience or the results aren’t that great you have a choice. You can allow him to try giving certain conditions I’ll go over shortly or you can go to a dentist with more cosmetic training and expertise.

If you decide to give him a chance, he needs to do the color you want. Insist on that, no matter how white it is. He should also be asking you about the shape and size you want. Then, when the crowns come in, he should place them with a temporary try in paste. Bring someone with you to help you get a good look at them and give you some support if you need to tell him that you don’t like them and they need to be redone. He should not do any permanent bonding until you are thrilled with how they look, even if it means sending them back to the lab.

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