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Diabetes and Dental Implants

Posted by writeradmin

I have a tooth that is going to need to be extracted due to a car accident. I was in the hospital and couldn’t get to the tooth right away. I have never lost a tooth and was hoping to replace it with a dental implant. Unfortunately, my dentist said that my diabetes disqualifies me from dental implants. I’m disappointed, but what can I do? Is there a second best option for me?


Dear Michael,

dental implant in three stages

While diabetes is a complicating factor when it comes to dental implants, it does not actually disqualify you from getting them. However, do not pressure your dentist to do them. His statement tells me more about his comfort level with dental implants than it does your situation. This is an unregulated segment of the dental industry and training in dental school (alone) is inadequate.

If you decide you want the dental implant you will want a dentist with significant post-doctoral training as well as experience. Do not be afraid to ask them where they did their post-doctoral training as well as how many cases they’ve done along with their success rate. These are important details that will have a big impact on your outcome.

While pre-procedural diagnostics are always important when it comes to dental implants, they are even more important in your case. Make sure whoever you go to gives you 3-dimensional diagnostics too, such as a CT scan. Though if they don’t suggest that on their own, that would be a bit of a red flag for me. You will also need to be monitored more closely throughout the procedure.

If you go to a dentist who needs to use an oral surgeon for the placement, make sure it is the dentist who determines the placement–not the surgeon. This is important, whether you have diabetes or not.

If you decide not to go with dental implants, then your second best option would be a dental bridge. This puts a dental crown on each of the adjacent teeth and then suspends a false tooth between them.

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